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Really? December 27, 2010

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Has it really been AUGUST since I last posted?  It feels like forever…  I have no idea what happened during that time, but I feel like my poor old blog is deserving of an update.  Mostly because… I had high ambitions when I started and I’m bad at finishing.  And also – I included a link to it on our Gospel for Asia Newsletter (p.s. if you’re interested in receiving it please comment!).

So… where to start?   Right now we are in the “waiting phase” of our adoption journey.  And honestly, it’s been wonderful.  So wonderful that perhaps I didn’t feel a need to write anything because I didn’t have any angsty feelings I was working through.  And while I always enjoy a little angst, it’s been a refreshing time full of learning and anticipation.

Our caseworker, Saima, warned us ahead of time when our paperwork was finalized (in October) that the end of year months are extremely slow for adoptive matches because of the holidays – so to not get too discouraged.  Conveniently, we had so much going on during these months that we didn’t have time to get discouraged.  While things have been slow, we did receive a few calls of potential matches, throwing us into a frenzied state of emotional adaptation.  It seems we had gotten everything but what we had expected.  Which was an older, non-white male seeing as they are the most saturated category of kids in foster care today.  Our first call was regarding a baby who had not yet been born, something we weren’t expecting at all.  I was so geared up for “older kid” that it took us awhile to figure out if we wanted an infant – if that was something God was calling us to do.  After all, didn’t we initially start off on the “infant/birthmother path” and decide it was the wrong road?  More praying…  Then we got our “older child call.”  Except it was for three of them.  Three boys.  Wow.  Do I even want to consider that?  But… we did.  We never really know what God’s purpose is for us unless we stop to ask Him first.  But now – as none of these calls had worked out for various reasons, we are back to waiting again.  And I’m wondering.  Should I be learning about infant schedules?  Homeschooling methods?  Both?  Ah – it’s been a lot of fun.  And keeping my mind extremely preoccupied.

We’ve been in Philadelphia for the past month on our support trip, which has been wonderful.  It’s been FOREVER since we did this (2006 to be exact) and if we’re going to be increasing our family, we’re going to need to be increasing our support.  I can’t even describe how wonderful it is to meet with everyone here – it’s soul stirring.  And while we talk about making it more of a priority to come up for support trips, I think that reality has sunk in that we need to be doing this yearly.  We do miss everyone and the bonds we have with everyone is this area are irreplaceable.  And I like it that way.  So Philadelphians, please expect to see more of us soon.  We love you dearly and thank all of you who took time to meet with us.

Okay, I’ll try to get more content out soon.  But when I’ve been away for awhile, I feel like I need to give a “recap” before I dive in.


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