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Joshua? January 21, 2011

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This name has been surfacing a lot in our home recently…  we’ve gotten a lot more attention from our case worker now that the holidays died down, which we are REALLY thankful for.  We were starting to wonder… with only 1 potential match per month… none of which (obviously) worked out. 

We got a call today about a little boy that we think we would be open to.  Of course, it’s been difficult knowing what the difference is between being “open to,” “okay with,” “interested in” and “head over heels in love.”  I’m not sure when and how to look for any of those particular feelings, whatever order they come in… if they come at all?  Every time we say “yes” to a call, I feel like we start to turn our focus towards that “type” of child.  And then it doesn’t work out…  and maybe we try to re-center, but I always realize we (okay, maybe just me?) don’t do that great of a job because when the next option is presented we’re like… “Wait.. what?” 

But – God knows.  And we do not.  Which is wonderful because I’d otherwise over analyize this whole process to death.  So we are just going to play it by ear and see what happens.  And have fun waiting… and seeing what happens.  This is still pretty preliminary but I wanted to show an idea of some of the kids we are praying about.  Regardless of whether we’re a match – we may be the only ones who will be praying for him!  So I’m wondering if you might want to as well.  So – meet Joshua.



6 Responses to “Joshua?”

  1. Sarah R. Says:

    beautiful! i continue to pray for you guys. god knew about your children before he created the world! rest and enjoy.

  2. Susan W Says:

    thanks for sharing Chrissy. I am praying…He has the perfect child for you!!

  3. megan Says: he is adorable! praying with you Chrissy. hang in there; waiting can be so hard. praying for your peace!

  4. Sarah Says:

    🙂 Praying for you guys!

  5. Michele A. Says:

    What a precious, beautiful, happy-looking little boy! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys as you go through this roller-coaster experience. May His will be done!

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