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A feast for the senses! February 19, 2011

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Hey everyone!

Well I am officially WIPED OUT!  We are both sitting down, staring at each other, wondering how everyone does this so seemingly casually.  I thought we had an extremely high energy kid, but my frequent, on the hour phone calls to my Mom (sorry Mom) reassured me that yes, this is all very normal.  😀

On that note, I’m about to sit back with JD and just relax a bit, our little sweetie is sleeping now.  But I wanted to share a few photos and a few highlights.

So far:

  • We have taken him to the zoo and found out that it probably wasn’t the best idea to do right from the start.  Once we parked the stroller, pulled him out and sat in front of the monkey exhibit and just focused on HIM, he did sooo much better.  He seemed to come alive and show his very bubbly and friendly personality.
  • He loves to stake his claim on anything and everything electronic he sees.  I had to put him down for his nap with 6 remotes.  And don’t ask why I have that many, I’m married to a web developer/audiophile.
  • Food is his greatest joy in life right now – we’re finding ways to promote him having fun without promoting overeating.  He carries his water around with him EVERYWHERE, which is actually something I could learn from him.  He already has me on a strict regimen, making sure I drink whenever he does.
  • He has little to no interest in T.V.  We tried a few times to engage him with a new DVD I bought, just to give us a break, but it didn’t work.  He could care less about that.  I have to say, I couldn’t be happier about that.  We aren’t into T.V. ourselves so have gotten it from us.  😉
  • He loves having bath time before bed, doesn’t need a nightlight to go to sleep, but prefers to listen to Beethoven.
  • To my surprise on the car right home, he called me Mama.  And earlier today, he called JD Daddy. Now he yells Mama all the time while running through the house searching for me.
  • He’s terrified of Ransom.  So we’ll have to work on that one a bit.
  • And finally, a lesson for everyone:  It’s not a good idea to take your newly adopted son to the store where everybody knows you’re newly adopting a son on the first full day he’s at home.  Bad call.  Very bad call.

Okay, here’s some photos!




4 Responses to “A feast for the senses!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    These pics are adorable!!! I love that he’s “on the phone” in almost every shot. Like father, like son, already! so funny. He is so cute. Love the shot of him in the tub 🙂
    Kids are high-energy! You’re going to be doing a lot of running. Especially two-year-olds.
    Just be patient. It will all work out 🙂
    And you can call me as often as you want/need to.
    Love you!

  2. Sarah A Says:

    He is just adorable!! 🙂 So excited for you guys. Love you and miss you lots!!

  3. Amy McDaniel Says:

    Wow, it is happening! What a sweet time for you all – Can’t wait to spend time with you all later as life settle into routine – don’t worry – it will. And I am so glad to see those Eric Carle sheets getting use!

  4. Sarah R. Says:

    beautiful! enjoy every precious moment, even the tiring, challenging ones! 🙂

    and, from the mother of 2 boys, yep, it is go go go all day long. it will be easier though once you have him with you and can settle into a routine.

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