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And because photos are never quite enough… February 20, 2011

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We have been having lots of fun around here and are continuing to learn a lot.  Some of it normal toddler behavior, and others are probably a little mix of fear and apprehension about where he is and what he’s doing with us for so long!  I’m impressed he’s held up as long as he has without seeing his foster mom, who I know he loves very much.

While I feel like I bought out Target completely to get everything I needed ready, there’s still so many things I’m realizing I forgot (i.e. a toothbrush because I thought his mom would pack one but she didn’t, his room is really bright in the afternoon so I definitely need to grab some curtains…)   And since going to the store while he’s with us isn’t really an option right now, we’re putting together a huge list so we can hit the stores again sometime between Monday morning when we drop him off and then Tuesday night when we pick him up again.  If all goes well and he seems ready, we should be taking him home permanently on Friday!

I’m so excited for his furniture and things to be delivered on Thursday so we can set up his room!  Right now it’s just a nightlight and a mattress on the floor in the corner of the room.  He doesn’t seem to mind and oddly enough, when he doesn’t want to go to sleep he’ll briefly tantrum but he never seems to leave the mattress .  Thankful for that.  🙂

Here’s our first interaction with him at his Daycare on Tuesday, the 15th (this was already posted on fb)



Friday night, the 18th, Rhome discovered this fun little game to play with JD (sorry I forgot the camera can’t do vertical video).


Friday night bath!


We went to the park on Saturday.  He loves the swings and slide so much!

Rhome and JD discovering the kitchen.  Sorry, it’s long but I’m a new Mom so I’m entitled.


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