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Day One as a New Mom February 23, 2011

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Well, it doesn’t really feel much different from how the weekend felt, so I guess in a way, that’s a good thing.  🙂

We picked Rhome up this afternoon and he was very excited to see us and wanted to be held right away.  And then when we drove home he clapped and cheered when we pulled up to our house and he said, “Home!”  So precious.  Of course, as luck would have it, we were running through the stores getting ready last night and I started to feel my throat go all scratchy.  An hour later I couldn’t talk.  REALLY?  Of all days!  I am not the kind of person who takes being sick well (probably because I am so often) and so I was feeling really grumbly all day about being sick the first day I get to be a new Mom when JD pointed out that most Moms probably feel pretty their first day of being a Mom because of the whole *lowered voice* labor thing. And I had to concede after some deliberation, I guess a scratchy throat isn’t quite as bad as giving birth.  Though I didn’t see anyone offering ME an epidural.  *grin*

What people have offered me is meals – which is going to be such a blessing!  For one thing, being that I felt sick today and have no idea how long it’s going to last, I will never turn down the proposition of cooked meals.  Today we had to celebrate our first night home with Rasin’ Cane’s Fried Chicken take-out because I wasn’t up to cooking and it was getting really late by the time we were getting home.  Second, I’m really looking forward to Rhome meeting our friends.  Even if it is for a short while, I’m just really into the idea of showing off what an amazing kid we have.  🙂

So the fried chicken take-out might have been a Mom fail, but I think I had some good wins too.

1.  I was able to wrest control back over the remotes and put them safely in the entertainment center where he knows he is not able to go.  Don’t worry, we bought him some toy “motes which he likes just as well and he can do whatever he wants to them.

2.  After dinner JD suggested I ask him to clean up his toys before bath time rather than me doing it.  Before I could roll my eyes in disbelief, JD said, “Clean up time Rhome!” and I stared in amazement as he picked up all of his toys and put them back where they belonged.  Okay, I guess that’s a win on his part but still… I felt proud!

3.  I got an infant massage DVD and have been giving him massages twice a day (with some help of gifted products from my wonderful sister-in-law!).  I noticed his chest congestion has gone down a lot.. and other things seem to be more…regular.  I’ll leave that one at that.

4.  This guy has such a runny nose from some breathing issues, I taught him how to grab a tissue, blow his nose and then throw the tissue away by himself.  I just say, “Blow your nose baby!”  And he goes and does it by himself.  He’s very compliant.  Of course, we have no other kids to compare him to but in our eyes, he’s the best!

5.  I got him to eat some veggies and fruit today!  He wasn’t used to eating them at all before and I could tell the whole concept was foreign to him.  He’s adjusting pretty quick – and we’re all enjoying getting homemade meals 3x’s a day!

6.  He and Ransom have become good friends.  We picked Ran up from the groomers today and Rhome was so happy to see him.  Now they play together all the time – thankful for that.


Our friends found this big box outside a neighbors house and told us it was prime fort material.  Rhome agreed!



3 Responses to “Day One as a New Mom”

  1. STS Says:

    Ahhh your awesome Mom! and Yes if he can get the toys out to play with he can put them away as well! Go Jage!

    Aren’t the best toys just big boxes!
    And chicken take out is not failure… LOL it’s a safety net from letting his blood sugar run to low. ;-P

  2. Amy McDaniel Says:

    Can’t wait to meet Rhome!

  3. That sounds like the perfect day! I am so happy for you guys, and for Rhome because he has some pretty awesome parents!!!!!! Love u all!

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