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Goodnight! March 6, 2011

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I hadn’t been taking as many pictures and videos and thank you for the reminders, dear brother!

Just wanted to wish everyone a ‘Goodnight!” from our little bear, who is drinking from a cup by himself for the first time after brushing his teeth.

And… if you’re wondering why this is video-worthy aside from the cup drinking,  it’s because I can NEVER remember the teeth brushing part of parenting.  I think we’ve brushed his teeth like, 4 times since we had him here!  So pray for me, I don’t know why I always forget it.  But I figure CPS will overlook my minor faults, considering he’s only got 1 bump on his head, 2 scabs on his left hand and he now knows how to say “Excuse me”  since he’s been here.  I think we’re doing pretty good.  Plus, don’t those teeth fall out anyway?  😉


One Response to “Goodnight!”

  1. LOL, it took us our second kid to remember that one on most nights :OP So cute!

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