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Celebrations April 4, 2011

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So yesterday we were honored to be able to celebrate the birthdays of JD’s Mom and our nephew Simon, both born on April 03rd.  I’m still amazed I get to celebrate family birthdays again, I forgot how much I missed them!

I also had several victories to celebrate, we were able to put Rhome down to sleep while we were at the party so we could stay past than our 7:00 (as of late) curfew.  He was fussy for awhile, but fell asleep.  Hoping to get him more comfortable with that as it’s a requirement for taking kids to late night GFA prayer meetings!

I also had the privilege of making the cake and it was a success!  It had been awhile since I baked anything so I was enchanted to don my beloved velveteen apron and get to work.  I will definitely be making this one again – coconut layer cake, recipe from Cooks Illustrated.  Highly recommend.  🙂

Mike and Kelly just got back from a San Antonio trip and were inspired to have a pinata at their little boy’s first birthday party.

Here is the birthday girl taking the first swing, with the help of her grandson.



After an excessive toddler-sized beating, it seemed the pinata was indestructible.   JD was asked to finish it off.


But the strength of the pinata endured and the yard stick was broken in half.  Hearts were heavy.


But our gracious host, Mike, is never found without suitable weaponry for any task.


At last!  The children have been released from their spell of boredom.  The reign of sugar is about to begin!


Do not be misled by this picture.  Any man who can slay a pinata donkey with a sword is just as fearless in defeating enemies by shooting candy beads with his teeth.

This is no mere necklace.


My baby boy, studying these masterful techniques of his father.


Our Happy Party Group


Kelly’s Party Decorations


My Birthday Cake for Mom.


Simon had his own little cake to enjoy


The Gorgeous Lee Family


The Sugar Kicks In








3 Responses to “Celebrations”

  1. jason Says:

    rhomes face with carla is hhiilllarrious!!!!

  2. RoseLemonade Says:

    Hahahaha… Those lips are about to jump off his face and take over.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Oh man, these pictures are great! Rhome is as cute as ever!! I love JD’s face when he is about to slay the pinata! Did you put your pics on Shutterfly yet?

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