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Fort Worth Zoo April 9, 2011

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The people at GFA threw me an adoption shower and I was so excited to receive a gifted membership to the Fort Worth Zoo!  And how much more excited was I when I received, not two weeks later, an invitation for a members only preview of the Dinosaurs Unleashed exhibit, with complimentary breakfast, carousel and train rides?  Pretty. Darn. Excited.  Dinosaurs are my #1 favorite animal for over 10 years running (yes, I have them ordered up to 8, I’m a total geek about making lists, even when it comes to favorites).

It was a challenge for us to drag our lazy selves out of bed early enough to leave the house by 7:30 but we managed (okay, we got out the door at 8:00 but that was still pretty good!)

This exhibit might also benefit by being entitled: “How to ensure kid’s nightmares in only 3 minutes!”

Although, maybe only I thought that because JD was trying to get Rhome to pet this snarling beast and he kept yelling, “No!!!!”



Here they are again, even more apprehensive when the thing started to shake his head and roar

(notice the same face, different DNA, it’s amazing to me how similar these two boys are):



I suggested they spend more time admiring the less offensive herbivores, like this gentle brontosaurus:



Still marveling, still same face



Here’s a popular beast, the lovely triceratops!



I was amazed at how well he held up during our trip.  I thought maybe we’d get two hours out of this trip but we spent all morning into the afternoon.

Thankfully, I’ve been getting my “mommy” act together and started being more mindful of packing snacks.



We took a ride on the Yellow Rose Express Train and got to see a few more magnificent animals. I was in heaven!



Until we buzzed past Mr. Rex and all I caught was his teeth!  Oh well, still beautifully foreboding.



Rhome also liked the train ride the best.  Well, it was second only to finding all the padlocks in the zoo and trying to open them up with Daddy’s set of keys.



The Happy Carousel



Even happier when he found out it was actually a ride!



JD decided to show Rhome how to feed the parakeets.  I am compelled by maternal pride to AGAIN point out their mirrored expressions.

This picture might make you think he was just feeling happy.  But we found out he was plotting something more fiendish.

Ah, Rhome!  Really?  I seriously thought he was trying to eat the bird!

Good thing I composed myself in time to take a picture.

He decided to try to feed the camera man (me) instead.

Cherish this calming picture now, because you are about to be terrified.

Ah!  Told you!  This scares me every time I look at it.



We were all taken by this bear.  So even though I barely got him, I thought it was worthy of posting.



Asian Elephants!  My fifth favorite animal!



They had a little exhibit of baby dinosaurs.  I swooned.


Sitting down was the first signal of tiredness we got.  We ran with it and packed up to head out to lunch.



And headed to Zoe’s Kitchen.  We’ve been wanting to check it out for awhile. . . although several mothers there gave me the evil-eye when they saw me

holding the huge,glass Pellegrino bottle for him to drink out of… which could look suspiciously…. not like Pellegrino.  Hey, I can’t remember to pack EVERYTHING!



Thank you to my GFA family for making my dinosaur dreams come true!






2 Responses to “Fort Worth Zoo”

  1. Sarah R Says:

    looks like an awesome day! love fun days like that.

  2. jason Says:

    that face with the birds….awwwww mannn hahahah what a character

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