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The Joy of Family May 9, 2011

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JD’s parents have been visiting Dallas for the past couple of weeks.  It’s been so fun to have them around.  Our house is currently on a Tron kick, it started with JD wanting to see it, I don’t know how many times in the theater… and then it built a nest and now… I think we’re showing it weekly to various groups of people.  I joke that the UPS guy is even privy to JD’s new obsession.  Rhome is no exception, he LOVES to watch this movie.  Here they all are in their glory.  I’m in the background taking the picture and rolling my eyes.  🙂

We’ve been loving this gorgeous weather here and decided to take advantage by going to the Arboretum again.  And of course, to get our money’s worth out of a membership.

They have this recreation of a historical western village, sized down for kids to play in.  This is Rhome’s favorite part.  And just look at my Mother-in-Law!

She is definitely from Tennessee –  I love the hat.   There is a part of me that wishes that everyone wore hats again while outside .  I think they are a lost joy of life.

Pea-sized picnic table.  Perfect for snack-time.

So they took advantage.

Rhome loves to play peek-a-boo (or DI-DI-BOO as he calls it).  This could have went on for hours….

The arboretum overlooks white rock late, a glorious “where should we spend our morning?” spot.  It’s got a seven mile trail around the lake for biking and jogging.

JD and I used to go there all the time and ride in the morning.  I’m thinking I want to get one of those kid attachments on the bikes so we can resume that tradition.  I miss biking… but probably not as much as JD.

He had to get his hands in, loves that water.

Tried to get a family shot; as you can tell, he looks a little distressed.  I think we were getting precariously close to lunchtime.

And notice, I’m also wearing a hat?  I love this hat, I wore it to death in Germany because it featured Edelweiss on the embroidered ribbon.

This is a non-intentional peek-a-boo shot of Rhome.

It’s so hard to get pictures of us together because of my blindingly white skin absorbs all the light before his even gets a chance.

This shot may convince me to start liking crepe myrtles.

More water.

“Poppy” wanted to show Rhome how to climb these trees.

I’m thankful we didn’t see the “no climbing” sign until after we got down because I got to take these marvelous shots.  Is that wrong of me?

Mr. Crusty Face

Rhome is so OVER having books read to him.  His new favorite this is to read books to us.

So he picked this up and started to reading it while we were driving home.

My first mother’s day was such an amazingly glorious blessing!  It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m a mother, I’m still in surreal mode.

JD took me out to dinner on Saturday night and we had our first night out alone since I have been “mothered.”

Sunday was a beautiful day in the park with all three of us, then out for brunch.  In the evening we had JD’s parents over for dinner and his mom made the most divine turkey I’ve ever eaten!

I may need to ask her to leave a comment with the recipe below.  We’ll see what happens.

Also, most noteworthy of all, during our Sunday morning picnic Rhome sat next to me and gave me a big kiss and then said, “I love you Mama.”  Of course I cried… and have continued to cry.  My boy is so precious to me.


3 Responses to “The Joy of Family”

  1. Sarah R. Says:


    and yes! get a bike seat for Rhome, we biked every where with the boys in Holland and loved it! we can’t wait to get bike seats for the boys so we can go biking in the parks here.

  2. Michele A. Says:

    Wow, I sure enjoyed these pictures of your first Mother’s Day! I can’t look at them without experiencing a piece of the joy your guys are experiencing – it’s wonderful!

  3. Karyn Smith Says:

    What beautiful pictures. Happy Mothers Day! Your are so blessed.

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