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The Joy of Family May 9, 2011

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JD’s parents have been visiting Dallas for the past couple of weeks.  It’s been so fun to have them around.  Our house is currently on a Tron kick, it started with JD wanting to see it, I don’t know how many times in the theater… and then it built a nest and now… I think we’re showing it weekly to various groups of people.  I joke that the UPS guy is even privy to JD’s new obsession.  Rhome is no exception, he LOVES to watch this movie.  Here they all are in their glory.  I’m in the background taking the picture and rolling my eyes.  🙂

We’ve been loving this gorgeous weather here and decided to take advantage by going to the Arboretum again.  And of course, to get our money’s worth out of a membership.

They have this recreation of a historical western village, sized down for kids to play in.  This is Rhome’s favorite part.  And just look at my Mother-in-Law!

She is definitely from Tennessee –  I love the hat.   There is a part of me that wishes that everyone wore hats again while outside .  I think they are a lost joy of life.

Pea-sized picnic table.  Perfect for snack-time.

So they took advantage.

Rhome loves to play peek-a-boo (or DI-DI-BOO as he calls it).  This could have went on for hours….

The arboretum overlooks white rock late, a glorious “where should we spend our morning?” spot.  It’s got a seven mile trail around the lake for biking and jogging.

JD and I used to go there all the time and ride in the morning.  I’m thinking I want to get one of those kid attachments on the bikes so we can resume that tradition.  I miss biking… but probably not as much as JD.

He had to get his hands in, loves that water.

Tried to get a family shot; as you can tell, he looks a little distressed.  I think we were getting precariously close to lunchtime.

And notice, I’m also wearing a hat?  I love this hat, I wore it to death in Germany because it featured Edelweiss on the embroidered ribbon.

This is a non-intentional peek-a-boo shot of Rhome.

It’s so hard to get pictures of us together because of my blindingly white skin absorbs all the light before his even gets a chance.

This shot may convince me to start liking crepe myrtles.

More water.

“Poppy” wanted to show Rhome how to climb these trees.

I’m thankful we didn’t see the “no climbing” sign until after we got down because I got to take these marvelous shots.  Is that wrong of me?

Mr. Crusty Face

Rhome is so OVER having books read to him.  His new favorite this is to read books to us.

So he picked this up and started to reading it while we were driving home.

My first mother’s day was such an amazingly glorious blessing!  It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m a mother, I’m still in surreal mode.

JD took me out to dinner on Saturday night and we had our first night out alone since I have been “mothered.”

Sunday was a beautiful day in the park with all three of us, then out for brunch.  In the evening we had JD’s parents over for dinner and his mom made the most divine turkey I’ve ever eaten!

I may need to ask her to leave a comment with the recipe below.  We’ll see what happens.

Also, most noteworthy of all, during our Sunday morning picnic Rhome sat next to me and gave me a big kiss and then said, “I love you Mama.”  Of course I cried… and have continued to cry.  My boy is so precious to me.


HAPPY EASTER! April 24, 2011

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From all of us. ❤


Fort Worth Zoo April 9, 2011

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The people at GFA threw me an adoption shower and I was so excited to receive a gifted membership to the Fort Worth Zoo!  And how much more excited was I when I received, not two weeks later, an invitation for a members only preview of the Dinosaurs Unleashed exhibit, with complimentary breakfast, carousel and train rides?  Pretty. Darn. Excited.  Dinosaurs are my #1 favorite animal for over 10 years running (yes, I have them ordered up to 8, I’m a total geek about making lists, even when it comes to favorites).

It was a challenge for us to drag our lazy selves out of bed early enough to leave the house by 7:30 but we managed (okay, we got out the door at 8:00 but that was still pretty good!)

This exhibit might also benefit by being entitled: “How to ensure kid’s nightmares in only 3 minutes!”

Although, maybe only I thought that because JD was trying to get Rhome to pet this snarling beast and he kept yelling, “No!!!!”



Here they are again, even more apprehensive when the thing started to shake his head and roar

(notice the same face, different DNA, it’s amazing to me how similar these two boys are):



I suggested they spend more time admiring the less offensive herbivores, like this gentle brontosaurus:



Still marveling, still same face



Here’s a popular beast, the lovely triceratops!



I was amazed at how well he held up during our trip.  I thought maybe we’d get two hours out of this trip but we spent all morning into the afternoon.

Thankfully, I’ve been getting my “mommy” act together and started being more mindful of packing snacks.



We took a ride on the Yellow Rose Express Train and got to see a few more magnificent animals. I was in heaven!



Until we buzzed past Mr. Rex and all I caught was his teeth!  Oh well, still beautifully foreboding.



Rhome also liked the train ride the best.  Well, it was second only to finding all the padlocks in the zoo and trying to open them up with Daddy’s set of keys.



The Happy Carousel



Even happier when he found out it was actually a ride!



JD decided to show Rhome how to feed the parakeets.  I am compelled by maternal pride to AGAIN point out their mirrored expressions.

This picture might make you think he was just feeling happy.  But we found out he was plotting something more fiendish.

Ah, Rhome!  Really?  I seriously thought he was trying to eat the bird!

Good thing I composed myself in time to take a picture.

He decided to try to feed the camera man (me) instead.

Cherish this calming picture now, because you are about to be terrified.

Ah!  Told you!  This scares me every time I look at it.



We were all taken by this bear.  So even though I barely got him, I thought it was worthy of posting.



Asian Elephants!  My fifth favorite animal!



They had a little exhibit of baby dinosaurs.  I swooned.


Sitting down was the first signal of tiredness we got.  We ran with it and packed up to head out to lunch.



And headed to Zoe’s Kitchen.  We’ve been wanting to check it out for awhile. . . although several mothers there gave me the evil-eye when they saw me

holding the huge,glass Pellegrino bottle for him to drink out of… which could look suspiciously…. not like Pellegrino.  Hey, I can’t remember to pack EVERYTHING!



Thank you to my GFA family for making my dinosaur dreams come true!






Purchasing Photos Information April 5, 2011

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Not that I’m a half decent photographer by ANY means but a lot of people have been asking about getting some prints of the photos on this blog.  I thought I’d make any easy way for everyone who wants a photo to customize which photos they want, in what sizes and finishes (glossy, matte, black & white, etc) by creating a Shutterfly website.

Once you go to the website, click on the “Pictures and Videos” tab at the top.  The photos are all organized in different albums that have the same name as each blog post and arranged in the order the blog posts were posted.  I will be updating this site every time I make a new blog post.  From there you can click on the photos and scroll through adding them to your cart and customizing them at will.  It’s a fairly straightforward process, but feel free to email me if you have any questions. Much Love!

Here is the website address:


Celebrations April 4, 2011

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So yesterday we were honored to be able to celebrate the birthdays of JD’s Mom and our nephew Simon, both born on April 03rd.  I’m still amazed I get to celebrate family birthdays again, I forgot how much I missed them!

I also had several victories to celebrate, we were able to put Rhome down to sleep while we were at the party so we could stay past than our 7:00 (as of late) curfew.  He was fussy for awhile, but fell asleep.  Hoping to get him more comfortable with that as it’s a requirement for taking kids to late night GFA prayer meetings!

I also had the privilege of making the cake and it was a success!  It had been awhile since I baked anything so I was enchanted to don my beloved velveteen apron and get to work.  I will definitely be making this one again – coconut layer cake, recipe from Cooks Illustrated.  Highly recommend.  🙂

Mike and Kelly just got back from a San Antonio trip and were inspired to have a pinata at their little boy’s first birthday party.

Here is the birthday girl taking the first swing, with the help of her grandson.



After an excessive toddler-sized beating, it seemed the pinata was indestructible.   JD was asked to finish it off.


But the strength of the pinata endured and the yard stick was broken in half.  Hearts were heavy.


But our gracious host, Mike, is never found without suitable weaponry for any task.


At last!  The children have been released from their spell of boredom.  The reign of sugar is about to begin!


Do not be misled by this picture.  Any man who can slay a pinata donkey with a sword is just as fearless in defeating enemies by shooting candy beads with his teeth.

This is no mere necklace.


My baby boy, studying these masterful techniques of his father.


Our Happy Party Group


Kelly’s Party Decorations


My Birthday Cake for Mom.


Simon had his own little cake to enjoy


The Gorgeous Lee Family


The Sugar Kicks In








Like a Glove (and a Jersey)… March 31, 2011

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Rhome is fitting into our family better than we’d ever dreamed!  I am still in awe that I’m a Mom, and I have a son… and he happens to be ADORABLE!  Am I allowed to say that?  Well, I said it, it’s out there… so there you have it.  I am in love with our little boy and I’m so glad how well he’s adjusting to us.  And somehow I thought I’d be able to track and record all the adjusting I’ve been doing but upon reflection I have to say I can’t.  I’m not sure how I adjusted… it doesn’t even feel like an adjustment.  It felt like for so many years I was awkwardly trying to adjust to not having him, and now that I do, everything just fell in place.

I have a small handful of friends that are able to pull out the pre-digested deeper things in me just by asking simple questions.  I have been very preoccupied with my job of transforming Rhome until someone (one of the aforementioned friends) asked me how the Lord was transforming me through this whole process.  I was a little ashamed I hadn’t even thought to wonder about it but with her I didn’t have to.  I just found myself telling her all about how my prayers have been so changed since he’s been in my life.  I an extremely analytical, much to my detriment and was always worried about how my prayers “sounded” or whether or not I really meant them.  Now that I’m training a child about the love of God, I encourage a lot of prayer between the two of us.  And, oddly (or not so oddly) enough, prayer with me is his favorite thing to do!  He asks to do it at least fifteen times a day…  And of course, prayers with a two-year old need to be simple, wrapping easy words around significant concepts.  Ever since we’ve been praying together, I’ve noticed I do a lot more time enjoying my conversations with God rather than studying them.  For me, this is a HUGE reason to be thankful – I’ve been struggling with it for years, feeling like Pierre in War and Peace when he told a friend:  “You study, you become enlightened.  I study I become confused” (P.S. I love all Russian literature but especially Tolstoy!  Little fact about me, the bookworm).

JD and I have been overwhelmed with joy to have family close by, who moved here early fall last year and I am praising God for the timing of their arrival.  Rhome has really taken to them, especially Sophia and Simon, his cousins.  Sophia is very doting on Rhome and has been a wonderful friend and avid teacher for him.  I hope he will acquire her zeal for learning – she’s remarkable!

We took some kites to Arbor Hills and had fun on the playground.



I just had to throw this one in here because I love how much he loves bathtime… and because I think he looks like a baby Obama.

Isn’t it obvious he is yelling, “Change!”



My Mom came out to visit us for a week and it was so good to have her here!  Rhome and she are now bonded for life.  Since she left he asks about her at least 10 times a day, pretends to call her at least five times a day, and we see random “imposter Nana” sightings at every store we visit.  One wonderful thing she brought with her was a Phillies Jersey for Rhome (hence the name of this post).  I guess he should have an Eagles Jersey too, because everyone who sees him insists he is going to be a linebacker.  I’d be happier rooting for a baseball player.  Not that he has to be into any sport but if we’re going to raise the issue let’s be real and admit baseball is the better of the two.  And please, ANYTHING but basketball!  I hate it!

Here’s some photos of us going to the Dallas Arboretum.  Baby LOVES the water!



I can only assuming he’s either praying that thing won’t bite him or he’s trying to show how strong he is… I’ll go with prayer.  🙂


The tulips were glorious!


My Mom “Nana” bought him a water play table for the backyard.


Ah – I just love this!!!



Nana also bought him a little scooter to ride on.  Once he got the hang of it, it was time to show off.



Last day we spent time at the park (forgive my excess of photos at this point, and I apologize again in advance because it doesn’t get any better from here)




On the way to the airport he insisted that Nana’s hand be on his car seat.  And he made sure it stayed there.


Happy Endings!


And tearful goodbyes.  😦


And I have to… there’s more videos.  😀



Caught ABC’s on camera.  This is his favorite thing to sing and we hear it NON-STOP.



Little man can dance!  This is the main reason he doesn’t get to bed on time.  Watching him is too much fun.

And if you’re wondering why he keeps going back to play with the phone, he’s checking to make sure Nana didn’t call.





The Face March 8, 2011

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I just had to get a quick post in and showcase “The Face.”

Rhome makes a good deal of adorable faces and this one, I think, is our favorite and we finally caught it on camera.  This is the face he makes whenever the doorbell or our cell phones ring.  And to everyone who visits me, now you understand why it takes extra long for us to open the door.  I have to stop laughing, run after those cheeks so I can kiss them to death and then, finally compose myself and answer the door.  So don’t be concerned, we’re coming.  🙂

Love it!